Monday, 17 November 2014

6. Portraits of Valencia

After our previous post, our plan was to move on from Valencia to showcase street art in other parts of the world. But your support has been so strong and encouraging that we decided to take one last look at our hometown art.

This week we spotlight some of the many portraits that bring life to the city's outdoor walls.

Street art portraits are like any other form of art or portraiture. At their worst, they look like those $5 charcoal caricatures that tourists pose for on the sidewalk. At their best though, they would not look out of place framed and hanging in a portrait gallery. Here are some of our favourites from the city:

Nosomdos ("we are two") are a Valencian couple who strongly support the Palestinian cause. We make no judgements about their politics here. But we do appreciate that they are among the few in Valencia to add political bite to their street art. And, of course, we like their artistic technique, particularly the humanity they give to eyes and skin tone:

Italian street artist Carlo "Carlitops" Casimassima wasn't content to post this portrait in a single spot in the city, so you'll find it in a variety of places, and, a la Andy Warhol, in a variety of colour pallets:

The next set of portraits appear together as part of a larger mural painted by the Ojayo Players:

And before you say it, we have to ask "where is it written that a portrait has to be of a human?" Hey, animals are people too!

Meanwhile, Valencian t.nob prefers a more cartoonish look to his portraits:

We're not sure who painted the next one, but because it sits beside an equally skilled one signed by the very talented Pixel Pancho, there's at least a chance that  this too might be one of his:

And possibly even this one:

On the other hand, we freely admit that we haven't the slightest idea who the artist is behind this one - or for that matter, the subject:

We do our best to be honest with you and admit when we can't identify a street artists. If you can solve a mystery that we can't, please drop us a line at:

Last but not least, we leave you with this portrait of two typical Valencians:

WHAT, you say? This isn't a portrait? Clearly you've never seen a pair of Valencians on the last night of our biggest street festival, Las Fallas (The Fires)!!!

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