Friday, 2 January 2015

9. FLASH!!! The World has New DEIHs.

We interrupt our three-month hiatus to bring you a few new creations by our favourite street artist, Valencia, Spain's DEIH. He's clearly been busy while we've been travelling.

The masterful artwork below was created on the streets of Sant Antao Island, part of the Cape Verde Islands. According to DEIH, "I was working there on a new piece influenced by the megapowerful nature you can feel in that island."

 (All Photos courtesy of DEIH)

He also created this one, Octopus Rider, on Santiago, another Cape Verde Island.
Back home in Spain, El DEIH created this mural in Madrid along with friend and fellow artist, Laguna.
And this one with his friend HOPE:
This one is consistent with DEIH's urban street style, but it's actually a watercolour:

We'll leave you with this last one before we get back to our journey through Southeast Asia:

If there's one thing we love better than a great street artist, it's a great street artist whose very busy. We can't wait to get back to Valencia to see what else DEIH's been up to in our absence!
(Yes, we know the last picture is misaligned. You can thank the folks at blogger for that and most other layout problems in our blog.)

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