Saturday, 30 May 2015

16. A Close-Up Look at Suis Sun, NHHS and Iagazzo

Chiang Mai street artists are a bit more willing to attach their names to their work than their counterparts in Bangkok. This makes it easier to recognize individual styles and identify who's behind the art.

Three of our favourites are Suis Sun and NHHS - both members of Dog Crew - and iagazzo (Patinas):
Suis Sun, from Chiang Mai, creates simple, colour-filled forms that often have a playful nature to them. We like to think his work would be a fun way to introduce a child to the creative world of street art: 

By contrast, NHHS's murals are more complex, and they are painted within clearly defined lines:

But clearly the most sophisticated street art is by Catalan butterfly- lover iagazzo (Patinas):

We hope that the art we are showcasing today encourages others to attach their names to their work. After all, artists can only gain recognition when people are able to associate their names with a body of work. And there are so many artists vying for attention. As Mue Bon reminds us: it's a fish-eat-fish world out there!


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